Decred Journal – April 2021

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April’s highlights:



The work reported below has the “merged to master” status unless noted otherwise. It means that the work is completed, reviewed, and integrated into the source code that advanced users can build and run, but is not yet available in release binaries for regular users.


Initial chain sync comparison between dcrd v1.4.0 and latest shows how all the improvements have accumulated into a big difference in performance. Despite there now being ~70% more blocks, the latest version takes almost the same time to sync while allocating way less memory.



Release v1.6.3 is being prepared including many of the above changes.


Politeia v1.0.0 has been released with the new storage backend, streamlined API, new plugin architecture, and 5 plugins. Read the release notes for full details on each feature. The new version has been deployed at

2FA support tried hard to escape our attention and is now live. Users can set it up in account settings. Don’t forget to backup the key.

Merged in April:

One notable change is the addition of timestamps to cast votes. In Git backend precise timestamps were not stored to improve voter privacy, and as a result, it was only possible to determine if a vote was cast within a ~60 min period. In tstore backend timestamp is already being recorded by Trillian and this cannot be changed without writing a custom Trillian implementation. Because vote timestamp is now public data anyway, adding it directly to the vote structure allows dcrdata to obtain it much easier (e.g. to build its vote graphs). But it also means a bit lower privacy for people casting all their votes at once. People who want to protect their privacy are strongly advised to use politeiavoter’s trickling feature.

@lukebp talked about Politeia development, latest releases, and future directions on Decred in Depth podcast (starts at 12 min).

Politeia’s own first proposal is now live (and voting), formalizing its development roadmap and budget until the end of 2021.




An update on Phase 2 development was posted in May with the following key points:







Get to know Decred contributors in the new interviews with @lukebp and @phoenixgreen.

Community stats as of May 1:

See the April report for notable social media stats updates.


In April the Treasury received 10,949 DCR and spent 984 DCR. Using April’s average DCR rate of $198.60, this is $2.17M received and $195K spent. At March’s average rate of $161.01, the USD billed for past work is $158K. As of May 2, the Treasury balance is 672,768 DCR (140 million USD at $208.13).

The consensus vote to enable the new treasury has passed with 99.9% approval and 83% voter participation. This is the second highest voter turnout in Decred’s history after the stake difficulty vote in 2017 (88%).

Proposal news:

See Politeia Digest issue 42 for more details on the month’s proposals.


Hashrate: April’s hashrate opened at ~464 Ph/s and closed ~429 Ph/s, bottoming at 219 Ph/s and peaking at 587 Ph/s throughout the month.

Distribution of hashrate reported by the pools on May 1: Poolin 35%, Antpool 28%, F2Pool 18%, Easy2Mine 4%, 1.8%, Luxor 1.3%, UUPool 0.09%, Coinmine 0.06%, Huobipool 0.02%, others 12%. This time the reported hashrate closely matched the distribution of 1,000 actually mined blocks.

A sharp hashrate drop around Apr 15-20 has been attributed to a major power outage in China.

Staking: Ticket price varied between 163.5-204.1 DCR, with 30-day average at 185.8 DCR (+7.8).

The locked amount was 7.11-7.51 million DCR, meaning that 55.4-58.5% of the circulating supply participated in proof-of-stake.

VSP: On May 1, 7.1K (+0.5K) live tickets were managed by vspd servers and 2.2K (-1.8K) by the listed legacy dcrstakepool servers. Collectively the 15 legacy and 13 new VSPs managed 23% of the ticket pool. The 2 recently delisted legacy VSPs still had 105 live tickets.

Nodes: Throughout April there were around ~210 reachable nodes according to dcrextdata.

Node versions as of May 1 snapshot (257 total, dcrd only): v1.6.0 - 26%, v1.6.2 - 24%, v1.6.1 - 22%, v1.5.2 - 7%, v1.5.1 - 7%, v1.7 dev builds - 7%, v1.6 dev builds - 4%, v1.5.0 - 2%.

The share of mixed coins has slightly declined from 44% to 42%. Daily mixed amount varied between 150-300K DCR.

Bison’s presence has been spotted on LN as a node called “El Gran Bisonte ⚡🐂⚡”.


Welcome the new vspd server from with 0.3% fee - lowest on the market as of writing. Its legacy VSP server has been removed from the listing but is still operational with 80 live tickets as of May 7.’s legacy VSP was observed with a 30% fee, possibly to discourage new registrations. Pay attention to the fees to not buy a high-fee ticket by accident.’s vspd server has a normal 0.95% fee.

Baap ATM tweeted that their ATMs and agents will help to buy DCR for CAD in some locations in Canada.

Warning: the authors of the Decred Journal have no idea about the trustworthiness of any of the services above. Please do your own research before trusting your personal information or assets to anyone.

Join our #services chat to follow Decred ecosystem updates.


A new process has been set up to broadcast important project announcements on multiple platforms. The “ANNs” are issued only for important updates and have much lower traffic compared to Decred’s Twitter. Matrix room #dcr is the newest addition, the other destinations being: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, and Gab.

Supporters on Reddit have made the case for Decred in multiple relevant conversations on r/CryptoCurrency (one, two, three, four, five, six). Thank you all for spreading awareness.

Monde PR’s achievements for April:

News coverage secured by Monde PR:




Selected articles:


@karamble has mirrored all Decred YouTube channel videos at It is powered by PeerTube - an open-source, self-hosted, lightweight alternative to YouTube that can connect to the Fediverse. Here is a list of tools for regular users. Admins running PeerTube instances can help to make the content even more resilient by setting up following and redundancy.



Other non-English content:

Community Discussions

Comm systems news:

Selected Reddit posts:

Selected Twitter discussions:

For people who believe that “the market” makes the best decisions, Bitcoin may be the right choice. During any contentious change, the network may split into two or more forks that will compete (fight) for the financial and social support of PoW miners, developers, investors, and exchanges.

For people who believe in collaboration, who aspire to pursue the common good, and who are willing to align themselves behind the general will of the decentralized voter collective, Decred may be the right choice.

Bitcoin and Decred are different social contracts. They can coexist. (@overthrowy)


In April DCR was trading between USD 169.50-243.70 / BTC 0.0031-0.0040. The average daily rate was $198.60.

Relevant External

The Fei “stablecoin” was launched in early April but defied expectations by trading at significantly lower than the target of $1. This left many investors in a position where they were unable to exit their FEI position without taking heavy losses, due to the complex and unpredictable behavior of the novel incentive and burn mechanisms. FEI did eventually attain its $1 target after about 1 month after launch.

The Yearn Finance community have been discussing YIP-61 “Governance 2.0”, which extends the multisig arrangement put in place temporarily by YIP-41, and approving it with 99.97% yes votes. This proposal also delegates certain powers to a set of Yearn contributor teams (“yTeams”), and “clarifies” the role of YFI holders as being primarily about delegating powers to these teams and approving YIPs.

The NFT sub-community is crowdfunding its own new media platform (NFTs WTF), via the mechanism of selling 100 NFTs that confer voting rights in a DAO that will support the platform. It is interesting to note that the post announcing the first phase of the crowdsale, in which 51 of the 100 controlling tokens were sold, only 3 were sold to Venture Capitalists, and only as individuals and not representatives of their organizations.

Coinbase started selling shares on the Nasdaq, unlike an IPO this did not involve creating new shares but instead the existing shareholders bringing some of theirs to market.

That’s all for April. Submit your stories here or simply share your feedback. We’re always looking for contributors to improve DJ!


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